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Standard industry situation where corrosion & leakage detection, prevention & controlling using advanced carbon composite which are provided by Hydroseal Global instead of having to work with different contractors
Our smart solution combines:
Unique predictive and comprehensive Robot analysis, and
Fit for purpose solutions independent from suppliers.
allowing to offer end-to-end services with industry leading products guaranteed by suppliers and applied by certified contractors.
Robots are specialised to work in fixing cracks, holes and gas leakage.
Can do training offers for the companies with sealing the pipline and and tanks as it is our services as it is a Fast opportunity in engineering.
We aim to use our strong qualifications, hand-on experience and know how to get HydroSeal Global brand globally recognized for innovation, reliability and durability. We also aim to continue to develop new high quality and cost-effective products to modernize the transportation and storage industry.
Hydroseal Global was established in the Netherlands providing specialized engineering consultancy. In 2014, the company opened an office in Tunesia providing services for Mellitah Oil company in Libya. The HydroSeal Global office in Qatar was established in 2018 providing NDT robotic for the monitoring and control of pipelines and storage facilities. Currently, HydroSeal Global has offices/agents in the Netherlands, Qatar, Oman, Iraq and Libya/Tunisia. We aim to extend our presence to other regions around the globe including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc. HydroSeal Global is run by a highly qualified and experienced team led by Dr. Tony Rizk and Mr. Ronald Arnoldt.
Dr. Tony Rizk has over 30 years of experience predominantly in the oil and gas industry. He worked either directly (as an employee) or indirectly (service company consultant) for a number of oil majors including Saudi Aramco, BP, Shell, ConocoPhilips, Statoil, Petrobras, ADNOC, etc. Dr. Rizk is a driver for accomplishments with a track record in research and development, management and the deployment of new technologies.
Mr. Ronald Arnoldt is the founder of HydroSeal Global. He is highly experienced in providing specialized services around the world including the Middle East. Mr. Arnoldt enjoys a wide network of industrialists and professionals and has successfully completed a number of expert projects in different countries such as Libya, Qatar, Tunisia, Iran and Iraq

The company is well placed to provide the most advanced monitoring, detection, prevention and control technologies and the know-how to effectively utilize them. The provided service is supported by many years of hand-on experience. Any process involving the transportation, storage and the protection from either leak or contamination is a potential customer.
The company enjoy a huge contact network particularly in the Middle East and Europe including oil and gas majors.