Outline of HydroSeal Global Business Case Dutch identity.

Pipelines and storage facilities play a critical role in different industries. They are required to continuously work to their full design capability. However, they are prone to corrosion and other types of failures with significant adverse effect on productivity. Unplanned downtime is costly and could led to environmental damage and health and safety difficulties. A rapid and reliable solution is highly thought to prevent or control any possible damage.

Modern technologies have enabled HydroSeal Global to offer a comprehensive service package consisting of monitoring, detection, prevention and control services. The holistic service involves the use of robot and carbon composite to ensure the most reliable and durable cure.

After years of hand-on experience, and the joint efforts of two veteran industrialists, there is an opportunity to invest in HydroSeal Global. Investment in the company will be used to continue to expand the business and reach other markets around the world. The company is well established and have different agents/offices around the world including Oman, the Netherlands, Qatar, Iraq and Tunisia/Libya. We are in the process of establishing the office in Qatar manage worldwide operation.

The holistic HydroSeal Global service provides a rapid, durable and efficient and cost-effective alternative to common control practices. It addresses the concerns of modern industry including;

Monitor and predict potential failure using non-destructive and cost-effective technique

Save valuable resources

Enhance system integrity (durable and fire safe)

Ensure more environmentally friendly and durable practice

Field friendly and eliminate the risk of costly repair

Project management service

Coating system/chip repare/pipline/tank.

Technology Market

The reliance of pipelines and storage facilities has become critically important and a national security in different regions. The cost of pipeline and storage facilities failures runs into hundreds of millions of US Dollars. It halts production, adversely impact company reputation and can have devastating effect on environment with the possibility of health and safety consequence.

The Prudhoe Bay oil spill, Alaska, USA, 2006 was caused by internal corrosion of 34” pipeline operated by BP. The failure spilled over 267,000 gallons of crude oil and devastated 7,700 m2 of an environmentally sensitive area. It is considered the largest ever spill in Alaska. The leak caused by 1⁄4” hole in the pipeline continued for 5 days before it was discovered. The company was fined USD 225 million. In addition to having to replace the pipeline with considerable loss of production.

The above demonstrates the massive potential for hydroSeal Global that could easily have a USD20 million return per annum. HydroSeal Global is capable of providing early warming in inaccessible areas using NDT robot system and the prevention of such a failure at a fraction of the cost incurred by the operating company of the failed pipeline in Prodhue Bay, Alaska.

The wider sealing industry is estimated to be worth between USD 3.00 to USD 5.00 billion a year. This include different types of mechanical sealing including sealing materials and wraps, gaskets, clamps, compression materials, heat, inflatable, etc.