Our mission

To relief clients of complicated and challenging tasks of predicting and controlling corrosion and associated problems

Controlling the entire process from monitoring to predicting and applying best fit for purpose solution.

We are able to offer cost effective, proven and durable solutions for Inside corrosion and outside for pipelines and tanks.

We share knowledge with partners to ensure continuity and a long-term relationship with our company.

We provide solutions for:

1- Pipeline and subsea splash zone problems like Corrosion as it is a major problem to man-made constructions and has been

known to result in significant financial, operatorial and environmental damage.

2- To prevent uncontrolled leakage, highly splike ecialized scanning equipment which is used to identify potential corrosion zones and prevent leakage or unplanned downtime of operation.

3- Hydroseal Global technology prevents leakage by strengthen weak spots avoiding pollution and production downtime With a hole stop carbontech.